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ARES Alert Levels

Member action & responsibilities for each Alert Level

Condition Green -

Normal Conditions.  No known event likely to occur.

  • No ARES operations in progress or projected
  • Normal amateur radio operations
  • Maintain a monthly battery check and recharge schedule

Condition Yellow -

Something might happen - a tornado, severe thunderstorm, flooding, ice-storm, etc.

ARES members should:                                                            

  • Check their equipment, "Go Kits", and supplies for possible deployment
  • batteries must be charged and ready to go
  • Stay tuned to the assigned emergency frequencies for further news
  • Monitor NWS Special Weather Statements and Hazardous Weather Outlooks


  • ARES members and/or AEC's may receive e-mail notice of condition
  • No activation timeframe is associated with this level

Condition Orange - Stand By!

Something has happened - Like Severe Weather. There is a high probability of full ARES activation.

ARES members should:

  • Load the car- including "Go Kits"
  • Prepare to deploy to assignments or staging areas for assignment
  • Monitor NWS station WXL86 (162.400) and W7GBU (147.300) repeater

All Radio Amateurs should:

  • Limit traffic on repeater, pause longer between transmissions, listen for deployment instructions
  • Nets are established and will pass information as it becomes available
  • E-mails with additional information will probably be sent to all ARES members
  • Approximate time frames for activation are associated with this level

 Condition Red -

This level will usually be triggered by Severe Weather / or Warning or other non-weather emergency situation. Full emergency communications protocols implemented. 

  • ARES activation text message will be sent to all ARES members who have registered for activation notice
  • Nets begin full operation
  • All ARES members who are available for an assignment should check in with net control on W7GBU (147.300) repeater
  • After checking in with net control, ARES members will proceed to their assignments or to staging ares for assignments


After the Emergency has terminated:

  • ARES members are released by served agencies and the EC/RO
  • After all stations are secured and  home, the EC/RO (or net control) will return the readiness level to Condition Green
  • AEC's and EC will conduct an action review within 72 hours of event termination

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