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The membership Welcome Letter and ARES application have been updated to better reflect
requirements for obtaining the Spokane County ID card.

PLEASE NOTE:  We now have a Groups.io site for ARES - RACES members.
You may have to set up your password for total access.

Hawaii ARES/RACES - Hams to the Rescue

During a recent accidental Missile Warning in the U.S.A state of Hawaii, a reporter was there to do a special interest piece on Amateur radio operators.  What they really learned was more about professional communicators working as a backup system to authorities when other means of "getting the word out" might fail.

Watch the Video.

2018 March 31 - 5th Saturday Exercise

Spokane County ARES - RACES will be holding a multi-county exercise this coming Saturday, March 31, 2018.  These are the general objectives for this exercise:

  • We want to activate as many of the city halls as we are able to - we will be concentrating on the outlying areas (have a GPS or map).
  • Operating from portable stations (please be ready to setup a portable station & antenna) we would like to use something better than a car antenna if you have the ability to put one up.
  • HF operations from those locations.
  • VHF & UHF operations from those locations.
  • Winlink traffic from those locations.

We will be operating on our SECONDARY Repeater for this exercise NOT the primary. 
The Exercise will start at 08:00 PST Saturday morning.
The ICS-plan is in the FILES section please print it out.

An RSVP is requested. View Event on Groups.io.

The necessary ISC 205 and ISC 214 you WILL need for this exercise are in the Files section of the Groups.io site.

Please Note:  To access the Files section of the Groups.io site you must log in.  If you've never logged in previously, request the Groups.io site send you a link that will allow you to set up your initial password.  Once that is done, you will have access to the Files section.

Electronics Flea Market Tailgate - Tri Cities

The Tri City area local amateurs are holding another Electronic Flea Market 
Tailgate. This event will be held on May 5th, 2018. The location will be at the
following site:
2505 W 27th AVE.
To find the Bethlehem Lutheran Church and school, if you are heading
south on Hwy 395, turn left at 27th avenue, if you are on I-82 heading
north or east take exit 113 for Kennewick. Head north approximately
1.8 miles and take a right at 27th Ave. After you get on 27th Ave. go
east for 1 mile and you will see the church and school on the right.
Suggested Items to sell or Trade: (Electronic, Electrical Type Items Only)
Commercial, Amateur, and Citizen Band equipment
Bench and Portable Test equipment
Computers, Computer parts and Accessories
Cables and Wire
Power Supplies
Radio Controlled, Robotics, and Quad Copters etc.
Electronic Components, Microprocessors, etc.
Equipment Carcasses
Any other types of Electronic or Electrical Equipment

Sellers/Vendors can set-up starting at 7:00 am
There will be no charges or fee's for sellers and buyers.
Bring your own Tables, Canopies, portable generators, or
work out of the back of your truck, car, or van.

For other information or details contact:

Dan Durflinger @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Helicopter Training

Helicopter training is NOT a requirement to be a member of ARES - RACES; however, Greater Spokane Emergency Management -DOES- require helicopter training for any members who are called upon to deploy for an emergency.  This means if the county calls us up, we can only dispatch members who have had this training.  This doesn't mean the ARES - RACES group can't use you in some other important radio communicator position.  Please don't let this be a deterrent to your participation.  Those members who wish to be eligible to deploy, must get this training.  It is only held once or twice a year, depending on the need.

Helicopter training is good for two years.  Prior training done on-line is no longer valid, even if you took it recently, you will need to take this in-person course.

The next Helicopter training opportunity is Friday, March 16, 2018 at 1800 hours (6 pm) and will last a little over an hour.

Training will be held at:

Spokane County Sheriffs Training Center
6011 N. Chase Rd.
Newman Lake, WA  99025

Go-kit Night

The Spokane ARES - RACES group met at their monthly meeting this January to display various radio and personal survival Go-kits, also referred to as Go-boxes.  These are built by radio amateurs to put all needed equipment in one place so they can essentially "grab-and-go."  The idea is to take as little time as possible to deploy.  The group will also be holding follow-on sessions to help others configure and build their own.  Stay tuned for more information.

The presentation can be found in the downloads area.


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(I'll fix the photos later)

2018 01 13 Digital Workshop

This Saturday our primary track will be an Introduction to Scripting in Winlink Express. 
Scripting can be a powerful tool to expand your connectivity via the packet VHF/UHF infrastructure. It can greatly increase your geographical range and still get the message through when parts of the system are down. 
This workshop will be an introduction to the basics of the why, when, and how of using scripting in the Winlink environment. We'll build out a number of useful scripts, so bring your computer with Winlink Express installed. We'll have stations setup to demonstrate how scripting works in real life, and if you'd like to test it on your own radio, don't hesitate to bring your Winlink radio setup as well.
Additionally, if there is interest, we'll be happy to also run an Introduction to Winlink for New Users for those that haven't yet set up or used Winlink Express (or would like additional help setting it up). If you're interested in that session, please use the contact form and select WA7AQH. If we do this track, it will start at 1030.

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