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To minimize the average duration between the time a message is listed with the Net, and the time the message has been sent.

NCS keep track of stations on the Net · Establish and use a logging system
· Station; Time In/Out; traffic destination/count; station/operator capability (location, modes, frequencies)
Handle highest precedence traffic first · Handle in the order of:  Emergency, Priority, Welfare, Routine
Minimize the “idle” time of Stations with Traffic · Use other frequency channels for handling traffic.
Minimize the Net Time of each Station · Dispatch stations with fewest number of messages first, given equal precedence
Increase the Throughput of the Net · Minimize unnecessary “chatter” on the Net
· Create dedicated  “Send” and “Receive” stations 
· Create dedicated Point-to-Point Stations 
· Use faster modes (CW, Pactor, Packet, PSK-31)
· Recruit additional stations to the Net
· Divide the Net into two Nets
Use all available resources · Ask for help/advice from Net Stations, if needed
· Ask for help from non-Net Stations, if needed
· Periodically ask for new check-ins to the Net
· Schedule Net Stations and Net Control Station in multi-hour shifts, to minimize operator fatigue

When a Traffic Net Gets Bogged Down . . . .

1. Divide the Net into two separate nets; such as…

  • Two geographic areas (north/south, city/urban, etc.)
  • Two client functions (fire support,/all other support, etc.)
  • Direction of traffic flow (In/Out)
  • Command Net/Working Net

2. Change the Net Control Station if….

  • The NCS is involved with traffic handling or relaying tasks.
  • The NCS is not in solid contact with most net stations.

3. Establish a second station at a location which is handling a lot of two-way traffic;  one station for "in" traffic, the other station for "out" traffic.

4.  Replace hand copy (pen/pencil) with a typewriter or word processor.

5.  Increase the communication ability between net stations…

  • Move the net frequency slightly, to reduce interference
  • Move the net frequency to another Band, for better propagation.
  • Increase the transmitter power output.
  • Check the antenna and feedline connections.
  • Increase the antenna height.
  • Move the antenna outside of buildings.
  • Use a directional antenna.
  • Move the station antenna physical location.
  • Use an antenna with higher forward gain.
  • Change the favored direction of the antenna.
  • Use an antenna with a different polarization.
  • Relay through another station.
  • Establish a cross-band repeater (VHF/UHF)
  • Digipeat through another station (packet).
  • Eliminate receiver “noise” sources.
  • Speak slower….send slower
  • Change the mode of communication.

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