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The membership Welcome Letter and ARES application have been updated to better reflect
requirements for obtaining the Spokane County ID card.

PLEASE NOTE:  We now have a Groups.io site for ARES - RACES members.
You may have to set up your password for total access.


These are various slide-decks, PowerPoint presentations and other material used during monthly meetings or other training sessions.  Most are instructive or informative on topics ranging from preparing a "Go-Kit" to disaster preparedness.

Spokane County ARES - ACS Membership Requirements

Spokane County has move to an Auxiliary Communications System encompassing ARES members and county radio communications assets.  This presentation outlines the new ARRL ARES requirements that came out in 2019 as well as the more specific requirements for Spokane County ACS.

Intro to AREDN for Spokane County ACS

A presentation used to introduce the members of Spokane County ARES - RACES - ACS to the idea of building an AREDN network in Spokane County.

Mel Ming's Emergency Modules presentation

A comprehensive appraoch to preparing for emergencies.  Instead of trying to fit everything into one "kit," Mel breaks thigns down into various kits that fit a particular need.  These can be grabbed as one, two or more, as the situation demands.  Mel also adds anecdotes and reminders that go kits of any kind need to be periodicaly checked and refreshed.  Mel has given his permission for us to host this content.

How to Power your Radio when the Lights Go Out

A subset of information from SeaPac, put together for our local group by WA7AQH.  A focus on battery technologies and solar power systems.

A Guide to Anderson Powerpoles

The accepted standard for power connections in ARES, is the Anderson Powerpole connector.  This system is quick, easy and becoming very universal throughout the Amateur radio community and EMCOMM in general.  This presentation will introduce you to the Anderson Powerpole concept and teach you how to successfully create your own cable connections.

Intro to Packet Communications - 101

This presentation by Todd Cady, K7PKT, is an introduction to Packet communications using radio technologies.  It's a quick dunk-in-the-tank to get you started in this digital comm method.

Scripting in Winlink 101

From the 2018 01 13 Second Saturday Digital Workshop (SSDW), this presentation is a quick introduction to scripting for Winlink communications.

Ardop 101 for Winlink

A quick and basic introduction to Ardop Winlink, one of the latest soundmodem interfaces taking over Winmor by storm.

Go-Kits - 2017

This was a presentation by Aaron Noack on Go-Kits, quick-reaction packs, or Bug-Out bags (your choice).

Cross-Band Repeaters - 2017

A presentation give by Aaron Noack (AD7DD) on Cross-Band repeating.  General theory, use cases and illustration of setup.

Lilac Festival - Armed Forces Torchlight Parade briefing

This presentation covers the basics of radio operations for the Spokane, WA, Lilac Festival's Armed Forces Torchlight Parade.  How the parade works in general and how operations should be conducted at various locations are covered.  Please note that Frequencies are NOT given in the presentation.  To obtain frequencies, you must be at the briefing in person.

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