Weekly Net Control:

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The membership Welcome Letter and ARES application have been updated to better reflect
requirements for obtaining the Spokane County ID card.

PLEASE NOTE:  We now have a Groups.io site for ARES - RACES members.
You may have to set up your password for total access.

Weekly Net Controllers

  • Upcoming Events 5
  • Total Events 94

These are members who have committed to being the Net Controller for an ARES weekly net, held every Tuesday at 2000 hours local time. (That's 8pm local)

Upcoming Exercises

  • Upcoming Events 2
  • Total Events 5

These are scheduled exercises known ahead of time, such as 5th Saturday ECO-to-ECO and Cascadia Rising.

Qualifications Training

  • Upcoming Events 0
  • Total Events 1

These are training opportunities such as First Aid, CPR, Defensive Driving or other training necessary to remain qualified for deployment by Greater Spokane Emergency Management.

Regular Meetings/Training

  • Upcoming Events 223
  • Total Events 382

These are dates for the regular monthly meetings, digital training sessions, and other meetings or training not otherwise needed for deployment qualifications but for expanded capabilities of members.

Other Events

  • Upcoming Events 2
  • Total Events 5

These are events such as Fun Runs, Parades, Hamfests, Field Days, and other non-emergency communications activities needing supplemental amateur radio support.

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