2018 03 30 5th Saturday Exercise

Published: 29 March 2019 29 March 2019
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Our 5th Saturday exercise for the month of March, 2019 is chock full of communications challenges.  The Spokane County ECC will be focused on taking traffic from both home and deployed locations, as well as some surrounding counties who are working to participate.  We will be busy using ICS forms (205, 213, 214, 309), practicing Winlink and voice communications, switching frequencies for alternate traffic paths, and more.

Members of the Spokane County ARES - RACES team should have access to the exercise plan and forms by logging in to your Groups.io account and going to this directory:


We will not publish this information publicly, you must have a Groups.io account to access.  If you don't have a Groups.io account with us yet, please use the contact form to contact W7TSC.  Note, you might not get access prior to the exercise, so simply get on the primary frequency and take directions from there.

The menu items on this web site have links to various other elements you'll need, such as the blank forms, or even a link to the FEMA web site where all ICS forms can be downloaded.

Our exercise will run from 0800 to noon, Saturday, March 30, 2019.  We will have an after-action, hot-wash session at the DEM building following the exercise.

Sorry this has been posted so late in the game.  I look forward to a great exercise.

Thank you,

Asa  Jay
Spokane County ARES - RACES Emergency Coordinator