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QRP Day on the Noontime Net

Saturday November 25th will be a QRP day on the Noontime net. The Idea is to use 10 watts or less on LSB and 5 watts or less if checking in by CW.

Starting Time is 1000 hours local time (10 AM) for the early portion, and the Formal Portion starts at 1200 hours (Noon).

This is on 40 meters at a Frequency of 7283.50 KHZ.

QRP Day on the Noontime Net has been held for about the last four years.  The purpose of QRP day is to see what Low power can do! Depending on the Antenna and location, some operators have been able to check in with as little as 5 watts on LSB.  QRP Day was designed by the Net Manager and other net control operators as a fun activity to hold once a year.  It's not an ARRL contest.

To participate in QRP Day, you need a General class liscense or better.  Or you may operate as a third party from someone else's station who holds a general class or better license.

The Noontime net is a traffic net with the (NTS) National Traffic System. Anyone is welcome to check in and there are no requirments for membership. Band conditions are not always favorable. Hopefully the band will be good for operating from the weekend of November 25th through December 3rd.

We'll be listening for you.

contributed by: Lyle Loshbaugh

Created by PA4RM