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Second Saturday Digital Workshop (SSDW)

We're back on schedule this month! Second Saturday Digital Workshop (SSDW) this Saturday, 9-Noon at the Fire Training Center.
We'll have two tracks going this month:
Dan Croskrey, NV2Z, will be working with people that want to use a software TNC (HS Soundmodem) with a SignaLink modem. Candidly, many people have had issues trying to use these. We're looking to see if we can identify issues and resolve them to understand if this is a a configuration that we can make reliable enough to encourage its use. Will  be a two part workshop with configuring your setup Saturday then taking it home and using it to see if additional issues arise followed by an evaluation session at the next SSDW. So, bring your Windows 7 or higher computer, your SignaLink and radio to link. Don't forget the appropriate cables/jumpers to interconnect all the equipment you bring. 
We will  also have a track to help people set up and test your mobile radio/TNC/computer combination. Again, bring your Windows 7 or above computer, TNC, and mobile radio (with the appropriate cables, of course) with an antenna (we'll have a couple of mag mounts you can use as well). We'll help you configure and test your s etup. We encourage you to set up a mobile/portable radio (25 to 50 watts) as that is what's most useful for Winlink use, but if you would like to set up a handheld, we'll cover that as well.
As always, let me know if questions or you'd like more information.
Look forward to seeing you Saturday.
Del Morissette
Spokane County ARES-RACES
Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Digital Messaging and Recruiting

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