Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

A.R.E.S./R.A.C.E.S. - Amateur Radio Emergency Service serving greater Spokane County and surrounding regions. Providing communications support for public service events, and emergency communications support for local through national government and other non-government agencies.

How to join ARES / RACES
Please bookmark this page. ***Remember the Tuesday night ARES net. 8:00pm on the 147.30+ (100Hz) Spokane County Department of Emergency Management Repeater.

JUNE 15, 2017 Training
Please come to the June 15 regular meeting with a handheld radio and the following forms. We will be practicing the sending and receiving of message traffic using the ARRL Radiogram, and the ICS 213.


Repeater Etiquette
Net Preamble
Where W7GBU Came From
Net Control Station
(The Principles Thereof)
The A.R.E.S. Plan
Calendar of Events
Ham Radio Testing Schedule
Eastern Washington Section News
Incident Command System
(An Overview of)
The Amateur Code
Equipment Lists
Ham Radio Links
Winlink (Digital Messaging) Information
Status Codes
Mentor Programs

Upcoming Event

Saturday July 29, 2017

5th Saturday Exercise & Barbecue

Focusing on:

  • Pass Radiogram traffic by phone (voice)
  • Test Simplex operation (who can hear who)
  • Pass Radiogram by packet (by scripting several options from each location)
  • Pass traffic via p2p packet a digipeater
  • Send an ICS213 form with a signal report of who they could hear on simplex or how information was relayed in

Teams will deploy to various City Halls around the Spokane County area and operate remotely for this exercise. Stations should be capable of operating on battery power.

After the Exercise, we will gather for a family barbecue and critique.

Information on Digital Communications can be found on Don Felgenhauer's web site here:

An email will be forwarded to all ARES/RACES members with additional detail, prior to the exercise. Please make plans to participate.

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